Boundaries vs. Barriers

I have walls. That’s it in a nutshell. My walls are designed to protect me from all outside drama and trauma. I have walls that I use to protect my heart from being broken and walls to protect my sanity. I have walls to keep others from trampling over me like a wet soggy rug. We’ve all had walls at some point in life. Some walls were easier to let down than others and some walls were and are “well-built and equipped” for any type of situation. I guess it’s reasonable to say if you’ve had trust issues, then you’ve had a wall or two in your life.


The Bible speaks of protecting your heart. This is where the most intimate parts of you are revealed. Now, pause and think about this. Is the function of your walls boundaries or barriers?

Boundary: (noun) something that indicates or fixes a limit or extent

Barrier: (noun) a. something material that blocks or is intended to block passage; b. a natural formation or structure that prevents or hinders movement or action

A barrier keeps things out that are unwanted and harmful. It does a superior job at blocking out whatever is bad for you, however, it gives no fluidity to grow and change. Although barriers block out they also hold in things. If you’re battling with some feelings of resentment or struggling to forgive someone who abused you, you need the space to grow in order to be liberated from it all. Barriers imprison your mind and thought patterns. They hold hostage your dreams and aspirations and cause you to not receive what you need to move forward.

philippians4_6_7.jpgOn the other hand, boundaries are healthy and NECESSARY! There are certain things that are toxic to your development and prosperity in both the Spirit and the natural. These behaviors can come from others in your environment or from YOU. Certain toxic behaviors can drain the life out of you and cause you to be unable to fulfill your purpose. Boundaries say, “I will no longer allow you or this situation to disturb and invade my peace again. I forgive you for what you did or how things turned out, but I am worthy of more than that.” And you ABSOLUTELY are worthy of more than that. Set boundaries through earnest and sincere prayer with some special to the heart of your Heavenly Father. With Christ, you can do ANYTHING and overcome EVERYTHING!

What are some barriers that are hindering you? What are some areas in your life that need boundaries?


With love,

Jocelyn (the grateful late bloomer)

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