Pause & Praise

This post will be short and sweet. Promise. The holidays are upon us and anxiety is heightened. Thoughts about who, what, when and where consume our minds. One thing that plagues me around this time of year is that a whole year has come and almost gone…A WHOLE YEAR! I sometimes become bogged down because I feel like I haven’t made enough strides in a year’s time. I feel like I didn’t run hard enough. I feel like I haven’t fully met my yearly goals.

 PAUSE, girl. 

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The truth of the matter is you’ve LEARNED something new this year. You’ve studied the Word more this year. You may not have done that financial makeover you desired, but you raised your credit score and paid off a few debts. You didn’t quit this semester! (me specifically) You learned how and when to speak and listen. You’ve learned how to put your phone down and be fully present. You’ve learned to laugh and cry because they are both necessary. You’ve learned how to be cool when people change up on you. You’ve learned to protect your peace and your focus. You’ve found more to love about yourself.

Count your blessings, sis! Pause your doubts and anxiety and PRAISE God because you made it in peace and in one piece!!!!

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Love you guys so much! You’ve accomplished more than you can see.

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