Replacement Behaviors

In my profession I am likely to deal withall kinds of human behaviors. Some good. Some bad. Some indifferent. They are all behaviors. The bad behaviors seem to drain the most energy out of me because I find myself zooming in and addressing them constantly. They seem to appear one after another and normally intensify until that moment in time passes. PHEW!

“As a teacher works to eliminate a problem behavior, he or she should simultaneously reinforce a more acceptable alternative. A teacher who fails to do so may soon find that one unacceptable behavior has taken the place of another.” 


This is no different from our personal journey to be all we were created to be. We need replacement behaviors. This is necessary for all facets of our lives.

Finding a more acceptable behavior or habit takes work.

Work?! *insert gasp here* YES! WORK! And honestly, it takes more work than many of us are willing to put forth. Discipline is required. Intentionality is required. Change is required. Time with God in prayer and scripture is required. Letting go is required. Honesty is required. Humility is required. A failure to replace those behaviors that deprive us of the future promised by the Word of God!

Whoa! That hurts! 

I honestly found myself scrolling social media way too much this year. When Apple dropped IOS 12, it gave me the power to set a limit on the time I spent just scrolling through my news feed. Am I ashamed that it took something like that? Weeelllll….no. And yes! I’m not ashamed because sometimes we need some assistance. I had to find a replacement for when I ran out of social media time and I developed another behavior in a mindless game. (That’s not the ending you were hoping for, huh? Me either.) I was hoping to replace that time with my bible app since I was on my phone anyway and it does not have limits. But then I realized that it takes more intentionality than what I was willing to put forth. I’ve got work to do. But I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I was reminded of Peter when Jesus bid him to step out onto the water. Everything was all good as long as Peter was focused on Jesus. As Peter walked out and began to look around him at the fierce winds, he began to sink. HE LOST HIS POINT OF FOCUS. He began to doubt what Jesus had called him out to do. I said all of that to say that in order to obtain a fulfilled life in Christ, it requires FOCUS. Replace your doubt with focus on God.

What area of your life requires some replacement behaviors? What work are you willing to put forth?


I love y’all! Let’s grow together!!!

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