When He takes it all away…

I can’t quite describe that feeling when you’re in an alone season. EV-ER-Y-THING is frustrating! I mean even the way the wind blows is not right. Is that you? If so, keep reading! If not, maybe this will help someone you know.

Wilderness seasons are the most impactful seasons ANYONE can experience IF you allow them to be. I’m in a season that won’t allow comfort or stability in the places I’ve been able to rely on. I mean uncertainty is all around me. Questions are plaguing my mind. I even dream about it every night. God, what’s next? God, when will this season end? God, why are these people doing this? God, why are You allowing this and that to happen? God, who can I lean on for help? God, where can I go for support in this area? Why won’t You just fix it all?! Why can’t You go back and change it? Silence. Silence. Silence.

This is when the silence is deafening. As I typed this, a scripture came to my mind.

Yes! I took a screenshot of the scripture! When God takes it all away it’s not a punishment. He just wants more of your focus and attention. When the calls stop and appointments cease, He wants your time! When loved ones leave us it breaks us, but it also creates an opportunity to propel forward in what God has assigned to our hands. Grief brings a whole other side of life to the limelight. You realize in the midst of grief how much you need God to function.

What would happen if we would just surrender?

I am kicking and screaming as we speak. Honestly, I just need to LEAN IN. Let go of my will and the need to keep everything stable and controlled. My mind keeps going back to the FACT that His thoughts and plans for me are far greater than anything I could possibly imagine!

Keep growing and LEAN IN! Love y’all!!

One thought on “When He takes it all away…

  1. How timely and awesome is this Word! How did I miss it? In times like this only God can give us the answer and satisfaction we need. Well said!


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