Phew! You finally have the chance to just sit. No interruptions. No distractions. Just you, your thoughts and your day. If you're really lucky, your day was perfect and not so horrible that you need to really decompress. If you're normal, like me, you need time to reflect upon the successful moments and the not-so-picturesque [...]

A Thursday Thrust

It is time to write that vision. You may feel like you don't have all you need to get started, but take what you have and invest in that vision. Small steps lead to great leaps! WRITE THAT VISION AND GET STARTED! I used the word thrust today because if you're anything like me we [...]

A Wednesday Nudge

Dear #GrowingWoman, Establishing time to spend with the Father is essential to ANY thriving relationship with Him. If you feel overwhelmed today, steal away from all the chaos and spend a moment in His presence. Everything has the potential to change in His presence! What are you holding on to that is beyond your ability [...]

Dear #GrowingWoman Podcast Episode 2: Cultivating & Excellence

At the close of 2018 we have many things to celebrate and still a list of things to improve. We choose to give thanks to God in all things! Here's to a wonderful beginning! I love you guys! Thank you for sharing with me this year. I'm looking forward to an amazing growth journey with [...]