A Wednesday Nudge

Dear #GrowingWoman, Establishing time to spend with the Father is essential to ANY thriving relationship with Him. If you feel overwhelmed today, steal away from all the chaos and spend a moment in His presence. Everything has the potential to change in His presence! What are you holding on to that is beyond your ability [...]

Replacement Behaviors

In my profession I am likely to deal withall kinds of human behaviors. Some good. Some bad. Some indifferent. They are all behaviors. The bad behaviors seem to drain the most energy out of me because I find myself zooming in and addressing them constantly. They seem to appear one after another and normally intensify [...]

Pause & Praise

This post will be short and sweet. Promise. The holidays are upon us and anxiety is heightened. Thoughts about who, what, when and where consume our minds. One thing that plagues me around this time of year is that a whole year has come and almost gone...A WHOLE YEAR! I sometimes become bogged down because I [...]

Boundaries vs. Barriers

I have walls. That's it in a nutshell. My walls are designed to protect me from all outside drama and trauma. I have walls that I use to protect my heart from being broken and walls to protect my sanity. I have walls to keep others from trampling over me like a wet soggy rug. [...]

The Party is Over

This is my beginning. After much toil and procrastination I recently took a leap of faith and hosted an event based on some words of wisdom I had been inspired to write. One morning I woke up and the Holy Spirit impressed upon me to write a little message to women who are becoming who [...]